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Practical, reliable and comprehensive software developed with the community

TRON-Family Desktop Wallet
(Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10)

Manage your wallets, send your tokens, freeze, vote, trade, perform airdrops or do some transactions comfortably with your ledger. Get an overview of past transactions, trades and much more.

TRON-Family Command-Line-Tool
(Win x86/x64 / Linux x64 / OSX x64)

Freeze, Unfreeze, Vote, Claim
Send TRX / TRC10 / TRC20
Buy / Sell / Cancel on PoloniDEX & TronTrade
ABI De/Encode
Base58/Hex Address Convert

Customized software

We are constantly developing special customized software for the needs of community projects. Some have been in use for more than 2 years and have already transmitted several million transactions completely autonomously and 100% securely. These include, for example, autonomous reward distribution, SWAP services, telegram security bots, volume bots and trading bots as well as analysis and tracking software such as TRON-Radar in multiple instances.